Monday, October 20, 2008

Reformation(s) : bibliography suggestions

Regarding Dickens, The best works (besides his general intro. textbook) are in P. Marshall, ed., The Impact of the English Reformation, 1500. The are many recent articles and chapters continuing the Reformation historiography debate in Sources and Debates, ch. 3 on the following questions:
  • Was the Reformation popular, shaped by grass-roots movements from below?
  • Was it unpopular and forced by a few powerful members of the elite from above?
See also, now, R. H. Fritze, "The English Reformation: Obedience, Destruction and Cultural Adaptation," JEcclH 56, 1 (2005). G. Redworth,"Whatever Happened to the English Reformation?," HT 37 (October 1987) (available online) discusses one set of early post-revisionists which go back to Dickens and argue against Haigh and Duffy.

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