Thursday, October 23, 2008

Elizabethan Worlds: secondary work suggestions

If interested in the Elizabethan religious settlement as a focus,
  • Bernard, George W. 'The Church of England, c.1529-c.1642'. History, 75:244 (1990), 183-206 is available online at booth library -- go to periodicals list for history (printed in UK, in case there is another by that name).
  • Haigh, Christopher. Elizabeth I (Profiles in Power). 2nd edn. London: Longman, 1998. A less positive spin, to put it mildly. This should be in the library.
  • There is also Haigh, Christopher. 'Rowse, Elizabeth and England'. History Today, 53 (May 2003), 25-28. available online through Booth, which might have something (Rowse is a very old school historian who Haigh would most probably criticize).
  • Haigh, Christopher (ed.). The reign of Elizabeth I. Basingstoke, 1984. although I don't know if we have that at Booth or not.
  • Norm Jones has a number of books and articles on the settlement.

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