Monday, March 15, 2010

Adding the Three Kingdoms to Early Modern England

Scotland and Ireland are always part of the story of early modern England as our text, Early Modern England, repeatedly shows. For the late-Stuart period, there are a couple of works which we might now add to our bibliography:
  • Smyth, Jim. The Making of the United Kingdom, 1660-1800: State, Religion and Identity in Britain and Ireland (Longman, 2001).
  • Connolly, S. J. Divided Kingdom: Ireland 1630-1800 (Oxford University Press, 2008)
The latter is worth noting, not least for including the following quote from James II as he opposed an act of attainder against Protestants for their support of William proposed by the Jacobite Parliament of Ireland in 1689:
  • 'What gentlemen, are you for another [16]41?' (Connolly, 181)
(The source being the somewhat suspect Jacobite, Charles Leslie, notwithstanding.)

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