Monday, February 25, 2008

charles ii's entry into london

The 2nd edition of Early Modern England will have a detail from the following painting on the cover:

Charles Stoop, Charles II's Cavalcade through the City of London (1661)?

A contemporary engraving of the entry for his coronation is

surviving titles 1600-1700

Compare this with discussion on Early Modern England, ch. 8 to show the increase in tracts in the 1640s and 1650s. From David Cressy, "Revolutionary England 1640-1642," P & P 181 (2003): 61.

Some Statistics on the Number of Surviving Printed Titles for Great Britain and Dependencies from the Beginnings of Print in England to the year 1800, by Alain Veylit is based on the raw numbers from ESTC.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

mapping lord darnley's murder

contemporary sketch map of 1567 murder (from 1576?)

The Mermaid and the Hare

This placard denounced Mary Queen of Scots and Bothwell soon after the Darnley murder, and certainly suggests a popular reaction to the murder in Scotland if not a fully developed public sphere there in the mid-sixteenth century.

Another James

Compare the portrait of James VI and I in Early Modern England (2nd. ed., p. 218) with this portrait, from 1595, when only James VI, by Adrian Vanson as the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

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