Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Goldman Sachs and Goldsmith Vyner

In honor of my joining Facebook to further some committee work (and noting Goldman Sachs investment in same, as well as their role "in contributing to the worst US economic crisis since the 1930s"), I offer the following doggerel made by an anonymous critic of Sir Robert Vyner (presumably in the 1670s)
  • Cursed be the banker and hanged the covetous banker
  • That like a fatal rust or cancer
  • That viper-like through mothers' bowels eat
  • Their way to private wealth and hope to cheat
  • Abused mankind with glorious words.
[The source may be BL Add. MS. 34,362, Poems 1679-1681.  But I draw it from David Allen, "Bridget Hyde and Lord Treasurer Danby's Alliance with Lord Mayor Vyner," Guildhall studies in London history 2, 1 (1975): 16.]

The Family of Sir Robert Vyner, by John Michael Wright (d.1694)

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