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Students select Yorkist/Tudor Government documents (group A)

Please post by Sept. 7 or before as a comment which 3 documents about which you would most want to lead discussion for week 3. Sept. 10. Key and Bucholz, Sources and Debates, ch. 2. Add one sentence for each document about why you like that document or think it would work well in class. (I will email you which one document you will be working on once I have your submissions.) Sign your comment with your first name and last initial.


saszigethy said...

Alex Szigethy- Since I'm group A I would like to chose my document analysis on document 2.7 "Henry, earl of Richmond's speech to his army before the Battle of Bosworth Field" Since I'm in the military I found this article very interesting because he references God as giving them aid to succeed. If I'm unable to do the first article, I'll chose to do article 2.8 "Polydore Vergil" Anglica Historia, this article takes place after the Battle of Bosworth and focuses on Henry after he won the battle. Finally if I'm unable to do either of the articles I will like to talk about article 2.5 "Claiming the Throne: Richard III, Henry VIII, and the pretenders" This article talks about the establishment of new men to the throne.

Order of documents:

1. 2.7 "Henry, earl of Richmond's speech to his army before the Battle of Bosworth Field"

2. 2.8 "Polydore Vergil" Anglica Historia

3. 2.5 "Claiming the Throne: Richard III, Henry VIII, and the pretenders"

Lindsey Gasior said...

2.15 Articles against Cardinal Wolsey, signed by the Lords (December 1, 1529). This document lists charges against Cardinal Wolsey who was previously one of Henry VIII closest advisors. It is very interesting how fast one is able to rise and fall from power, especially in the 16th century.

2.9 Francis Bacon on the Character of Henry VII (1622) is my second choice and 2.8 Polydore Vergil, Anglica Historia (1534) is my third choice. It is interesting to compare this article with 2.8 and look at their similarities and differences in relation to when they were written.

ACasey said...

Alanna Casey-
2.13- Venetian Ambassador Sebastian Giustiniani's Report on Cardinal Wolsey (1519)
This document talks about the personal of opinion of Cardinal Wolsey by the Venetian Ambassador.

2.8-Polydore Vergil,Angelica Historia (1534)
This document is Vergil's take on Henry VII's rule.Vergil was part of the humanist revolution in history which worked to examine why things happened as opposed to just citing the facts.This document is a good example of this new approach.

2.15-Articles agianst Cardinal Wolsey, signed by the Lords (1529)
This document lays out all the reasons why Cardinal Wolsey is not fit to serve in the government anymore.

Kaz Darzinskis said...

The documents in which I have chosen to delve into for this presentation would be documents 2.4, 2.5 and 2.19.
2.4 would be the document in which I wish to present to the class.

2.4, Council of the North Regulations- this article pertains to the rule of English border lands and the establishment of councils to do so effectively.

2.5, Act settling the Crown on Richard III and his descendants- This article is about Edward IV rule and the "perversion" it cast upon England.

2.19, Act for the King of England to be the King of Ireland. I honestly picked this because of my Irish heritage, but this article is about establishing precedent for the King of England to also rule over Ireland.

balkanization said...

week 3. Sept. 10. Key and Bucholz, Sources and Debates, ch. 2 (group “a” assigns 2.1, 2.4, 2.7, 2.8, 2.10, 2.15, 2.20): Remember 4-5 slides on Powerpoint with selected quote from within the document, outside context either from EEBO, ODNB, OED, or text, image(s), and question(s) for discussion. The briefer the document the more outside context you need to provide; the longer the more analysis of the text itself.

1. Alex S. (2.7 Henry Twdr's speech before Bosworth which he either did or did not say, is the invasion justified?)
2. Lindsey G. (2.15 the Charges against Wolsey; #4 is quite like what the Spanish Ambassador, 2.13 notes)
3. Alanna C. (2.8, Vergil on Henry VII, good news, bad news evaluation)
4. Brad B. (2.1, Edward IV attempts to reassert kingly power in Star Chamber decree)
5. Eric G. (2.10, Trial and Execution of Perkin Warbeck, the Pretender [“Richard IV”])
6. Kaz D. (2.4, Council of the North Regulations, perhaps makes Richard III’s reign look more bureaucratic, rational, and effective, although the power here resides in his heir)
7. Greg K. (2.20, Submissions of Ulster Chiefs; does Tudor centralization go so well in Ireland?)


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