Monday, September 28, 2009

Debating Reformations

Peter Marshall's new article, ‘(Re)defining the English Reformation’, Journal of British Studies 48, 3 (2009): 564-86, is a very useful summary of recent views of the Reformation (from above/below, quick/halting, etc.), and even-handed, even though Marshall himself has staked a position in these debates. This was published too late, of course, to be included in the 2nd ed. of Sources and Debates in English History, 1485-1714, ch. 3, although much of the relevant work is included there under "Historians' Debates," grouped by various debate questions (74-77). Note that the Wiley-Blackwell website includes Historiographical Commentaries
from Sources and Debates in English History (1st edition)
, which, although not updated with new secondary works like the 2nd ed., are still valuable essays for further research.

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