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Scholar's Choice, Tudor Challenge

Edward Hall, The Union of the Two
Noble and Illustre Famelies
Undergraduate group “a” discussion leaders have been asked to provide 1-2 sentences for each of 3 documents from Key and Bucholz, Sources and Debates, ch. 2 “Reviving the Crown, Empowering the State: the Tudor Challenge,” as to what seems useful or interesting about the document, in a comment below (beginning with the one they'd most like to examine/explain/contextualize).  [By Sept. 3. Sat., Group a recommendations are due (online); document assignments & readings distributed by Sun./Mon.; Sept. 8. Thurs. Presentations.]  (Joel has already submitted same, so I provide his as the first example.)


balkanization said...

1) 2.5 Act Settling the Crown on Richard III [I find it interesting that there were several claims to the throne and this act by parliament claims that they were going to select the legitimate King, an early attempt by parliament to declare its authority over the crown.]

2)2.1 A Star Chamber decree [I selected this document because to me it shows the tension between the King and local officials as the King attempts to assert his royal authority and basically say all roads of power lead to him and him only.]

3) 2.7 Henry, Earl of Richmond's speech [I like this document because it shows the desperation and attempt for Henry to appeal to the emotions of those fighting for him against his Uncle.]
Joel G.

Anonymous said...

1) 2.6 Richard III's Proclamation against Henry, earl of Richmond; I felt that even though Richard had be named King of England, he still had to prove to others that challenged him they were not heir's and goes to great length to prove Henry was not.

2) 2.10 The Declaration of "Richard IV"; Even years later after Henry has taken over the throne his illegitimacy is spoken by supposedly by the rightful heir "Richard IV". The constant battle for the throne is what caught my eye.

3) 2.18 "State of Ireland and Plan for its Reformation"; I feel as though this would be a good topic simply because it is the King bring up the topic of taking over Ireland as part of England.

Kyle Collins

Anonymous said...

1)2.11 Trial and Execution of Perkin Warbeck and Others. I found this document interesting because even though the prisoners were all convicted of the same crime, they all received different execution sentences.

2)2.14 John Skelton, "Why Come Ye Not to Court?" I selected this document because I thought that it was interesting to see a political attack being spoken via poem.

3)2.19 Act for the King of England to be King of Ireland. I like this document because it shows the struggle for power between the monarch and the papacy which happened during the reign of Henry VIII and how the king refuses to have to answer to the the Pope.

Susan Racine

Anonymous said...

1) 2.3, Philippe de Comines, Memoirs, on the 1470s. [I chose this document because it is a comment by a non-English contemporary who had relatively strong access to the subject he was writing about. As a foreign diplomat, Philippe de Comines had a unique and valuable perspective that did not need approval by the English crown to be published. The critical and spiteful tone of the entry captures attention, and it suggests a different assessment of Edward IV than Ingulph's Chronicle.]

2) 2.2, Ingulph's Chronicle. [I chose this document because the depth with which Ingulph examines Edward IV's actions not only presents what happened, but it also presents the king's reasoning. Therefore, the entry speaks to some underlying issues defining England during Edward's reign and how those issues prompted action and change through the historical actor of the king.]

3) 2.7, Henry, earl of Richmond's speech to his army before the Battle of Bosworth Field. [I chose this document because it expresses the words that a challenger to King Richard III used to incite his army to fight for him. The speech brings moral issues to the forefront, influencing even more skepticism concerning Richard's legitimacy, thus presenting a more vivid detail about an event in English history.

Tim A.

Anonymous said...

1) 2.1 "A Star Chamber Decree against 'riots, excesses, and misgovernings'". I chose this document because it is about the king taking control of the realm.

2) 2.2 Ingulph's Chronicle. I chose this document because it is about an ivasion of France and the title sounded cool.

3) 2.10 The Declaration of "Richard IV". I chose this document because of the constant struggle for the throne.

Austin Alexander


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